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Curtains Life 'Aslanlar Plastic' and open it with the difference

Our company is the center of trade in 1980 Tahtakale “ASLANLAR ALUMINIUM” as established by the ZEKİ ASLAN. Production of aluminum profiles and aluminum cornice first and foremost as a remedy for a long time, the arrival of successive innovations.Fast developing construction sector network in the production of aluminum and plastic pull gaining in importance and headed back to plastic ...

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Our goal is to

Our goal as the Aslanlar Plastic to be a global brand and providing the highest benefit for our customers at the lowest cost to produce plastic frames and components.

Product Groups

  • PVC Paneling Group and Accessories

    Fixed panel Curtain Rails and Accessories

    İnterlocking Panels Curtain Rails and Accessories

  • PVC Curtain Rail System and Accessories

    Wood PVC Curtain Rails

    Telescopic Briz Rustic Bars

Why Us?

  • •Aslanlar Plastic pvc curtain rail in Turkey and the first company that produces systems.

    •Aslanlar Plastic pvc curtain rail and accessories available on the market and the producer of almost all designer.

  • •Aslanlar Plastic setting quality standards in Turkey, leading the pvc curtain rail.

    •Aslanlar Plastic production from the first day the made a commitment to product quality gramajıyla mark his first pvc curtain rail.

  • • Many of the patent, design patent and utility model rights are.

    • There are some parts in the system so that, now manufactured by the world, only the Aslanlar Plastic.

    •Aslanlar Plastic business-line sector, which makes the labor organizations.

  • • Aslanlar Plastic,PVC curtain rails do not respond to the needs of all kinds come to mind meets the needs of the damaged rail geometry of windows, wooden curtain rails the only manufacturer in Turkey

    • All products are produced according to TSEK

  • • Aslanlar Plastic as well as domestically, the brand sold more than 40 countries, identified with quality has earned the trust of a customer's eternal on its way to becoming a global brand.

    • continuity of quality unerring aim. Sensitivity to this issue is known and is considered by many of our customers and end-users.

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